The Senegal Health Institute’s goal is to provide stable access to reproductive health for women and adolescent girls and to empower them through family planning and human rights education.


We provide:

  • Prenatal, postpartum, and newborn exams
  • Education about family planning, birth spacing and modern contraception (including counseling for men and reproductive health and family planning for adolescent girls)
  • Modern contraception free of charge (voluntary)
  • STD prevention education, testing (including HIV and AIDS), and treatment.
  • Childbirth, pregnancy, and breastfeeding education
  • Well women care and breast exams
  • Education and support concerning domestic violence
  • Child Nutrition


The Senegal Health Institute is not currently delivering babies at our new clinic. We provide prenatal, postpartum, and newborn care to many women who do not typically seek care or even consult with a professional healthcare provider. In fact, 52% of women in Senegal have their babies without the guidance of a skilled healthcare provider. We encourage these women to learn of the importance of giving birth at the local maternity clinic, where conditions are sanitary and they can be served by professionally trained providers. Our clinic is situated in an ideal location; it is accessible, private, and safe, and serves as a gateway for women to access safer means of child care and increase the chance of survival for the mother and her baby.

*we do not perform or refer women for abortion