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Stabilize Medical Care in the Casamance Region of Senegal

Help our pharmacist fill his shelves with medicine

Support Kafountine Hospital, its medical doctors and allied health professionals

  • Provide medical supplies
  • Provide medical supplies, medicine & vaccines
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Upgrade hospital infrastructure
  • Build ancillary housing for visiting Senegalese and international medical professionals, students and interns

Traveling Clinic

  • Purchase an ambulance
  • Provide medical supplies, medicine, vaccines
  • Sustain the operation of medical services to remote regions

Health Education

  • Build a classroom to provide an out-of-hospital setting for health education
    • Reproductive health education per WHO guidelines
      • Birth-Spacing
      • Family planning
      • STD education


  • Support the existing network of midwives
    • Provide training
    • Provide medical supplies
    • Provide medicine